Science Olympiad to have next meeting Dec. 3, next competition Dec. 7


Science Olympiad sponsor Cynthia Henry displays this box in her room throughout the year. Science Olympiad member and sophomore Sunjay Kamath said that the box serves as a good luck charm for competitions like the one taking place on Dec. 7.

Uma Kandallu

 Science Olympiad is scheduled to have its next meeting Dec. 3, preceding the club’s upcoming competition on Dec. 7.

Science Olympiad member and sophomore Jinhee Won said that the invitational is typical of the competitions the club attends. She said that this is one of the invitationals that will set the club up for success during competition season.

Won said, “It’s an invitational where we just go and compete in our events. Our events stay the same for the entire year and we just go to different invitationals at different schools. We’re probably going to start going more into competition season after December.”

Looking ahead, Science Olympiad sponsor Cynthia Henry said that she enjoys seeing students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the different events.

Henry said, “I love seeing them compete and (seeing) the fun they have with each other and competing in the events.”