Women’s junior varsity basketball defeats Lawrence Central 58-33


Head Coach Mark Wien looks over the statistics from the Lawrence Central game. He said, “We really picked up our shooting this game. We need to keep improving in practice to keep getting better.”

Andrew Caito

Women’s junior varsity basketball improved to 6-1 after their win against Lawrence Central on Dec. 4. It was their biggest win yet.

Women’s JV player and sophomore Laura Valiente-Marin said, “The team moved the ball really well. The ball moved quick which led to easy buckets being made. Our shooting was good too, we’ve really improved so far this year.”

Head Coach Mark Wien said, “New kids coming in, whether them being new to the program or them being freshmen, have helped our team compete in practice and games.”

According to Valiente-Marin, the freshmen and new women have been very important to the program so far and have helped improve the team.

“Everyone is welcoming and helped me really get used to the team. I had no idea what to do at first, but the coaches and my teammates quickly made a hole for my sister and me as I came for studies,” she said. By Andrew Caito