Academic transition night to give current eighth graders a chance to get to know CHS better


Da-Hyun Hong

Principal Tom Harmas works at his desk. He said that Academic Transition Night is a great opportunity for eighth graders to learn more about the school.

Da-Hyun Hong

Academic Transition Night will go from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight.  Dedicated to current eighth graders, the students are welcomed to the high school by Principal Tom Harmas and given the opportunity to learn more about CHS. According to Harmas, this night is all about academics; members of each department will be here to answer questions, and counselors will cover the eighth graders’ academic choices.

“There are still some people who are deciding what school they want to go to, and many times that depends on the availability of rigorous academic classes and also the opportunities for CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses and what all Carmel has to offer,” Harmas said. “I’m excited about the EMT and certified nursing assistant courses to come to CHS next year.”

Besides core classes, visiting students will also be able to explore numerous electives.

“The reality is electives live and die on the number of kids that are interested. Our electives are so rich and so good that I’d hate to see people pass it up because they don’t know about it,” Harmas said. “This gives us the opportunity to showcase those electives, and while English, math, science and social studies are all kinds of fun, some people find those elective classes is what they thrive in and what they truly enjoy.”

Student body president Maddie Heath will be giving tours tonight around the school.

“I would just say take advantage of the variety of electives because that’s one of the biggest things Carmel has to offer,” Heath said. “In general, the best advice I give everyone is to get involved. That’s the best way to go about doing things at CHS because it makes a big school small.”