Junior Cambel Castle uses photography as a source of expression


Emily Carlisle

What got you into photography?

Submitted: Cambel Castle

I saw other people that I know taking pictures, and I thought it looked like a lot of fun. It is a cool way that people express themselves. I wanted that outlet and to be able to do the same thing, so I started taking photos.

Do you have a specific genre of photography are drawn to or do you do a little bit of everything?

I really like taking portraits of people because I feel like a lot of emotion can be expressed through the human face.

Where do you find inspiration?

Submitted: Cambel Castle

A lot of times I will go on Pinterest or Instagram and look at other people’s work to find inspiration. Then, I go and reshoot or rethink their ideas while adding my own twist and style. But sometimes, I will just be laying in bed and an idea will come to me and I think, ‘Oh that sounds cool, I should go take pictures of it.’ I have only been doing photography for about two or three years, but I love finding inspiration in what others have done and making it my own. 

Submitted: Cambel Castle

How do you think photography compares to other forms of art?

I feel like any form of art can influence others. Sometimes, you see a drawing that is so photorealistic you wish you could see a picture of it- but at the same time, sometimes, you see a photo that you want to draw. It goes both ways, and they influence each other equally.