CHTV Reorganizes to Overcome COVID

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV, like many other classes, has adjusted to meet the challenges of COVID-19 according to CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic. Shows are pre-recorded, sometimes with a pre-show segment to list off events such as birthdays though even those may go away as well. “It gives us a chance to be slicker. Yeah, it is a lot more organized because we have to tape everything a week out with people only here every four days,” Ostojic said.

While pre-recordings have led to more organized shows, according to Hallie Reeves, Entertainment anchor and junior, it has its own problems. “When you’re filming live it’s a little bit more exciting. You’re all antsy and you’re kind of excited to be on there whereas recording you know you can take it multiple times,” said Reeves. Interviews also hold new challenges as COVID has forced students to either perform interviews through Zoom or outside of school while following mask and social distancing guidelines and keeping track of interviewees for contact tracing. “Now you kinda have to go through a whole process…,” said Reeves.

CHTV is also acquiring a new graphics system that would allow them to take advantage of different graphics during live shows, when those return. While methods of recording and interviewing may have changed, Reeves said she still had fun writing scripts and recording segments and that recording as well as interviewing were the only differences.

Ostojic said, “Its all, as everything else this year, a work in progress. Our goal is to just keep raising the bar quality wise.”

CHTV YouTube channel can be found at this link.