Key Club elects new class board officers


Sam Hawkins

Last week, the Key Club elected new class board officers for the 2020-2021 school year. These officers will help the Key Club executive board plan and organize Key Club activities. Each class has at least one representative, with the junior class having elected two.

Lorna Ding, Freshman Class board officer, said she decided to run for class board officer because she enjoys volunteering.

“I (also) wanted to add interesting and fun volunteer opportunities so that volunteering would feel exciting and something that people look forward to doing,” she said via email.

“This year is actually my first year of joining Key Club. I decided to join Key Club because I wanted to become more involved within the school and community and I thought Key Club was one of the best ways to do this,” Michelle Kim, Sophomore Class board officer, said via email.“I decided to run for sophomore class board because I wanted to make my first year in Key Club more memorable and impactful by helping plan service projects and just becoming more involved in the club.”

Key Club co-sponsor Allyson Ward said most major Key Club events are currently on hold, a variety of virtual volunteer opportunities will still take place, and both Ding and Kim said they look forward to seeing how the club will adapt to COVID-19 restrictions in the coming months. They also encouraged any interested students to join.

“It’s a great opportunity to get involved with the community and get to know other people who have similar interests,” Kim said.