Counseling Center avidly scheduling for second semester


Junior Caleb Suhy zoom calls his math tutor for Pre-Calculus. He states that because of the limited time of instruction with teachers, he has made it a goal to remain diligent in his work.

Leah Tan

The counseling center is currently working on second semester scheduling. According to counselor Kris Hartman, the counseling center had just finished submitting all early college applications, allowing them to shift all of their focus towards scheduling.

“Now that the big stressful Nov. 1 deadline is out of the way, we are able to focus on scheduling,” Hartman said. “Many of us (counselors) have already started to conference with our students.”

However, Hartman says that this year, scheduling is a challenge.

“Our department is so dependent on being face-to-face, especially when it comes to scheduling,” she said. “This year, though, we conduct the calls through video conferencing, which can make it harder to communicate.”

Junior Caleb Suhy finds the new process inconvenient as well.

“I really enjoyed the face-to-face interaction to truly discuss any of my worries or goals for the rest of my schooling career,” Suhy said. “It’s harder to reach the same level of comfort and get as much done when you only have a short block of time.”

In addition to scheduling, Hartman encourages students to keep utilizing their mental health services.

“Just remember that we always have our Virtual Mindfulness Room and you can always schedule an appointment with a counselor or a social worker,” Hartman said. “The pandemic fatigue is getting to everyone.”