TechHOUNDS to contact sponsors and prepare for build season

Marvin Fan

According to Drew Sanchez, the team lead for TechHOUNDS and senior, TechHOUNDS is continuing their precautionary COVID-19 measures during club meetings.

Head Coach Zachary Bonewit said via email, “We have decided to follow a similar student cohort system where only half of our team members meet in person each meeting. This allows us to properly social distance during meetings.”

Sanchez said all members of TechHOUNDS must at least reach out to one business to ask about a possible sponsorship.

“We do this to give people a chance to apply or learn new business skills,” Sanchez said, “So, to learn how to communicate with businesses and to sell the club. It also gives team members a chance to offset the team fee, which is typically $250 a year.”

According to Sanchez, the deadline for this is Nov. 24.

While all of this is going on, each division is also preparing for the build season.

Sanchez said, “Dec. 9 is our challenge reveal, so it’s when FIRST (Robotics Competition) puts out a video. That’s how we kick start the program where we understand what the games gonna look like that year and understand what work we have to do and that’s typically a day we spend brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other. It marks the official (beginning) of our build season.”