Counseling Center starts scheduling for juniors


Leah Tan

The counseling center is currently working on second semester scheduling. According to counselor Kris Hartman, the counseling center starts Junior Class scheduling this week.

“Right now, it’s just meeting with students and confirming their schedule,” Hartman said. “The whole process takes us all the way to February, where we have to start cleaning things up as we can predict class sizes.”

While reviewing some of the students’ schedules, Hartman said she observed a pattern.

“I’ve noticed a trend of some students dropping courses like K-8 where you would normally go into a school because the traditional way we would’ve done them is not feasible with COVID, but the students who did stay with those programs have still been getting as rewarding of an experience.” Hartman said.

Junior Ayaan Abbasi said he thought similarly. According to Abbasi, he decided to not take Applied Music for this reason.

“Although Applied Music was one of my favorite classes last year, I realized that the experience would look a lot different or not exist this year,” Abassi said. “One of the highlights of the class was the New York trip, and obviously with COVID-19 regulations, that isn’t able to happen.”

In addition to scheduling, Hartman emphasizes the mental health programs they offer.

“Reach out to your counselor or social workers if you are struggling, this time has caused a lot of anxieties for everyone, and it’s okay,” Hartman said. “Give yourself some grace; grades likely won’t be as strong as they always have been but it’s such a different situation and it’s a hard time.”