Sam Hawkins

According to Key Club co-sponsor Allyson Ward, Carmel Key Club will be continuing to deliver treats to teachers as part of an ongoing appreciation project this month.
“It’s a great way for people to participate by either bringing in the food items or setting up the stations. This year has been particularly challenging, so it’s a small gesture of thanks,” Logan Tullai, Key Club Vice President and senior, said.
Ward also said the Key Club will also be providing volunteers to help Serve Carmel plant 1500 trees on Apr. 17 in collaboration with national non-profit Tree-Plenish. According to Tullai, Carmel High School uses about 12.3 million sheets of paper, and the trees planted around businesses and residences in Carmel are intended to offset this number. Home or business owners can request the delivery or planting of a two to three foot tree on their property.
“I am very excited and optimistic about Key Club for this semester. Everyone seems comfortable with all the virtual meetings on Zoom, and they are running very smoothly,” Tullai said.