Virtual French III students say learning online helps independence, productivity

Michelle Wan

Starting to learn a new language can be difficult, especially through e-learning. However, this is not the case for French III student and sophomore Ariel Cho. Cho said she believes virtual learning is easier because she can go at her own pace, which provides her a feeling of mastery and comfort.

“I like doing French virtually; it gives me a sense of control over everything I’m learning and I can set it at my own pace,” Cho said.

Sophomore Brayden Meng is also taking French III and said being a virtual student in French allows him to learn to be more independent.

“I believe I can learn how to teach myself, and be motivated to do so throughout the process,” Meng said.

French teacher Lisa Carroll said, “Although students who are taking French virtually follow a different schedule than in-person students, taking a language virtually can benefit their confidence in themselves.”