Counseling Center finalizing schedules, graduation plans


Junior Caleb Suhy explores different college options. Suhy said he’s planning on majoring in computer science, which is why he is exploring different colleges with established computer science programs.

Leah Tan

After finishing scheduling conferences with students, the counseling center is now prioritizing cleaning the schedules. According to counselor Kris Hartman, this usually consists of checking class sizes to determine what needs to be adjusted.

“Right now, we’re predicting class numbers to see whether the class has to be adjusted to accommodate more students or less students,” Hartman said. “In some cases, if there are too little students signed up, we may have to remove the class from the school’s curriculum and help students reschedule.”

In addition, Hartman said the counseling center is helping seniors and juniors with their future plans.

“For seniors, we’re really just conferencing with students who may be at risk of not graduating,” Hartman said. “For juniors, we’ve been encouraging them to explore college and career options, as well as plan their senior schedule based on that.”

Junior Caleb Suhy says he has been exploring his options.

“Now that the year is coming to end, I’m starting to be more conscious of my grades and test scores,” Suhy said. “Additionally, I’ve been researching different colleges and what I want to major in. It’s very stress-inducing, but I know by starting now, it’ll relieve a lot of the burdens later.”