Music Playlist: Spring Beginnings [MUSE]

Grace Xu

MUSE is back with our original characteristic post—a music playlist for the season! Even though the spring months are often the busiest in school, I still love this time because it seems so full of possibilities. In the wake of the spring equinox, here’s a playlist made in the spirit of the season of new beginnings. Check out the playlist on Spotify at:


Music Playlist: Spring Beginnings

Clearing skies, tender sprouts, temperate weather, fresh soil, brighter mornings, rain showers, lightened moods. 

i feel serene [j’san] (Link)

Starting off the playlist with lofi! Featuring rainy weather.

Butterfly [UMI] (Link)

UMI’s music is so good. Hearing it feels like standing under an endless expanse of clear blue sky, a gentle hug.

Changes [Lauv] (Link)

The season of changes, endings and beginnings—but of course, “it’s all gonna work out.” 

Ivy [Taylor Swift] (Link)

The instrumental and spring setting bring a soothing, folklore (or should I say evermore) sound even as the lyrics become increasingly intense throughout the song.

hungover sunday [Christian French] (Link)

The acoustic backdrop and slow singing bring a lazy, relaxed mood, reminiscent of warmer days.

La thune [Angèle] (Link)

The music video and lyrics for this song make me laugh because I personally feel like they don’t match how the song sounds, which has a sweet vocal tone and gentle instrumental.

Crush [Tessa Violet] (Link)

This song has one of those simple-melody choruses that are catchy almost to the point of annoying, but the kind where it’s the only song you want to listen to for a whole week.

always i’ll care [Jeremy Zucker] (Link)

To be honest I don’t have any particular reason to put this on a spring playlist besides the fact that I really like it.

风的颜色 (The Wind’s Colors) [NINEONE#] (Link)

This song’s lyrics are so poetic; a rough English translation of the first line is, “The color of spring wind is the light blue of freshly dried sheets” (isn’t that such a pretty description?). 

Space Makes Me Sad [Fiji Blue] (Link)

This title, especially this entire past year. With that being said, I really hope everyone continues to safely social distance so that life can resume normally—and safely!—as soon as possible.


Especially as a graduating senior, this spring season tastes especially bittersweet with the prospect of new endings and beginnings. Hopefully this playlist can bring you a similar feeling.


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