Q&A with Ramani Satishkumar, vice president of Carmel Giving Hope and sophomore


Tsion Daniel


How would you describe the Carmel Giving Hope club?

Carmel Giving Hope is a club that works with ICCW which is the Indian Council for Child Welfare and this organization is located in India and it helps children have basic necessities such as food, clothes, shelter, education and such. We raise money to donate to the organization through fundraisers.

What types of fundraisers do you have?

So far, we’ve had a lot of giveback nights just because it’s a viable option during (COVID-19) and the pandemic and stuff but next year we plan on doing more interactive fundraisers such as culture nights where people can come and learn about Indian culture through food, movies, music, etc. We also have merch that we plan on selling to raise money for the organization and we also were planning on selling chocolate but the school wouldn’t allow it so maybe next year.

What does a typical meeting consist of?

A typical meeting usually consists of a lot of brainstorming because, especially due to (COVID-19), there’s a lot of restrictions and we need to be creative with what type of fundraisers we can do. So, we usually kind of set off (at least) 10 minutes for brainstorming and the rest of the meeting is usually just updates and important info that we’re willing to share.

What are the Carmel Giving Hope’s long term goals?

Our long term goals (are) obviously to raise as much money as possible for the organization and also (to) just kind of spread awareness of Indian culture for those who are interested and just make it more inclusive.

If a student wanted to become involved with Carmel Giving Hope, how would they go about doing that? 

They could always contact us through Instagram, which is just @carmel.givinghope, and they could also attend the meetings and join the Remind (@carmelgiv). We send out the Zoom link every other Wednesday and the meetings take place at 4:30 p.m.

Why would you encourage people to join the Carmel Giving Hope Club?

I would encourage people to join this club because it’s a great cause and you’re helping impoverished children in an underdeveloped country get the resources and necessities they need and you also are helping while also having fun and learning about another culture, so I think it’s a great way to be involved while also having fun.