TechHOUNDS to host women in technology workshop Nov. 13

        According to TechHOUNDS member Allison Pasheilich, the yearly Women in Technology workshop is coming up and TechHOUNDS is working to prepare for it.

        “Every year we teach middle school girls about science, technology and engineering (STEM) to help them learn more about robotics and encourage them to enter the field of STEM,” Pasheilich said. “We teach them how to use different tools to further prepare them for a future in robotics.”

        According to TechHOUNDS head coach Dave Fronek, he said that it’s really important to get everyone educated and involved in the field.

        “It’s really important that we have these types of workshops because it gives people opportunities to see the beauty of STEM and robotics and what we have to offer,” he said. By Ashley Hoffman