STEM Club hosts their first event with a guest speaker


Club members sit at the desks, while club president Manav Musunuru speaks at the front. This was during the callout meeting, while the club was doing a Kahoot game on Sept. 20.

Matthew Du

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) Club’s first event with a guest speaker, Dr. Charity Owings on Nov. 2, took place on Zoom at 5:30 p.m.. 

Manav Munusuru, STEM Club president, said,

“Yes, the meeting was definitely a success. Although we had only about 5-7 members present, this was much better than what we had last year and I am glad we are getting back to the old level of participation at meetings.”

Dr. Owings, a forensic entomologist, works in a body farm studying how bodies decompose. 

Munusuru said, “Dr. Owings was a great speaker for the club, as many of the members are still anxious or undecided over their futures and Dr. Owings helped ease some of that nervousness and assured people that there are different paths one can take to success in STEM.”

This event was one of the first steps that the STEM Club took to incorporate the interests of their club members.

Musunuru said, “ Many people wanted different types of engineers to come to STEM Club and speak about their careers … I made sure to note the STEM fields everyone was interested in, so that I could get some guest speakers from those fields.”

Club officer Abhi Chalasani said, “I think the most important part of STEM Club is just the students learning about STEM topics surrounded by other students with similar interests.”

“The most important part of STEM club for me is being able to meet new people with similar interests,” he said. “Even without the guest speakers you could learn something new about STEM through other students while also making new friends. “

Currently, they do not have a set schedule for when their next events will take place, however, they announce their meetings through Remind @carmelstem.

Club advisor Eric Rauch, allows the students the majority of the role in running the club and helps out when needed. By: Matthew Du

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