Carmel eSports members to wrap up the season

Carmel eSports members continue to compete in tournaments to wrap up the fall season ending on Dec. 16. Over the course of several days, many teams will compete in their finals, some of which include “Valorent” on Dec. 13, “Rocket League” on Dec. 14, “Overwatch” on Dec. 15, “Super Smash Brothers” and “League of Legends” on Dec. 16.

According to Nico Zimmowitch,  president of Carmel eSports and senior, club members will continue to take part in playoffs during next week . Zimmowitch said(via email), “Over the next couple of weeks we will be continuing our playoff runs and we will be getting a handful of championships. I would love to win them all and I think we have a pretty good chance at most of them. So that is going to be pretty exciting. And on Dec. 18 we hope to have one of our teams compete in South Bend to represent us.”

Dylan Gentilcore, Carmel eSports club sponsor and English teacher, said that club members had a memorable first week and all their teams experienced victory. “We are in the middle of playoffs. We just had a great first week of playoffs and all of our teams advanced to the next round.”

Gentilcore said, “What is really unique about this year compared to other years is that this year we are able to compete from our lab now that the vast majority of the season in almost every title of since day one of the season. We’ve had students competing in the Carmel eSports lab for ‘Valorent,’ ‘Rocket League’ and ‘Overwatch’ and not be able to do that before. So to be able for them to come in and do that is amazing.”

According to Zimmowitch, many players are working hard to improve and strive for success. Zimmowitch said, “Everyone is doing a great job. A lot of our rosters, including JV(junior varsity) & Club, have been performing well in their respective playoff brackets so we expect a lot of championship wins this semester. Winter Break will definitely be time for players to reflect and make personal improvements before tryouts for the second semester.” By Sreesh Chakravarthula.