Quiz Bowl club wins tournaments, creates preparations for further competitions

Claire He

In March, the CHS Quiz Bowl club won the 2022 IASP (Indiana Association of School Principals) Indiana State Quiz Bowl championships for the first time, defeating the returning champions. After this victory, the Quiz Bowl club continued to meet every Monday morning in Room H213, participating in “packet readings” that offered practice questions in each of the subjects tested at the Quiz Bowl tournaments.

Akash Bhowmik, club president and senior, said the team has been making important progress as they prepare for upcoming competitions. At the end of April, the club will be hosting its own Quiz Bowl tournament, which the members have begun preparations for. Bhowmik said the team is excited to host the tournament. According to Bhowmik, the tournament will include teams from across the Midwest: there are some teams from Michigan and Indiana that have already signed up. With this, Bhowmik added the club will learn other aspects of Quiz Bowl as well.

“Since we’re hosting our own tournament, we have to get familiar with scorekeeping, posting online stats, dealing with logistics, club finances, taking care of the registration fees, all that stuff,” Bhowmik said. “We’ve been learning how to do that so it’s kind of a new process for us but at the same time it’s kind of satisfying given that it’s our first tournament we’ve hosted.”

Additionally, according to club sponsor James Hambley, another of the aforementioned upcoming competitions is the High School National Championship Tournament, referred to by Hambley as “Nationals,” which will take place in Atlanta in May.

Hambley said, “Now, it’s practicing getting ready for Nationals, getting everything organized and approved for us to travel to Atlanta, to compete at Nationals. With [the team’s] win at State, they’re working really hard to try to get ready to see if they can possibly compete for a national title. That’s their hope, that’s their goal.” By Claire He.