Marching Band prepares for Oct. 1 regional championship

Marching Band has started preparing for the upcoming ‘Bands of America’ regional championship in Louisville, KY on Oct. 1.

According to senior Liam Courtney, a Marching Band Visual Technician, much of the practice and preparation is repetition, which is why they practice every day before and after school.

“We do a lot of repetition. We do a lot of basic exercises to get fundamentals down. We do a lot of fundamentals overall,” Courtney said. “This year the theme is the Vitruvian Man. The title is ‘Vitruvian’, so we use the geometry from the DaVinci Vitruvian Man with the squares and the circles.” 

Director of Bands, Michael Pote emphasized how important the fundamentals are in Marching Band.

“We keep things pretty consistent in terms of how we approach things. So the show is different every year, but the concepts of how we teach it stay pretty consistent. We’ve created a system that works for us,” Pote said. By Shayan Amin