House of Representatives members to host car wash, other activities


Jillian Moore

House of Representatives members and other participants walk to stations of the color run covered in paint and powder. House members will talk about more events like this one at their next meeting on Oct. 4.

Riley Laferriere

According to Tomas Balcius, Speaker of the House and senior, the House of Representatives plans to host its annual car wash on the weekend of Oct. 1. Balcius said House members can bring their car to the CHS parking and have it cleaned by cabinet members for a donation of their choice.

Trick or Treat for Riley will take place on Oct. 29, according to Sarah Wolff, House of Representatives sponsor and teacher. At this event, House members will divide into activity groups and volunteer at one of the multiple stations at the event. Wolff said this event is not only important for the kids, but for the House members as well.

“I like this event because a lot of events our members attend and participate in it. (In those events) they get to enjoy the fun. This event is more than volunteer time,” Wolff said. “I think they get out of (this event) just as much as the kids who come and trick or treat at it do.”

Balcius said he enjoys this event as well.

“I think (the event) is attractive to members of the community because it’s a great way to get kids involved,” Balcius said. “All the times I’ve worked Trick or Treat, all the kids were just having a blast.”