Carmel Orchestra to perform in Holiday Spectacular


Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, plays a piece during rehearsal after school. According to Wu, “I am really honored to be able to play piano for this show.”

Jasmine Zhang

Carmel Orchestras are currently rehearsing for the upcoming Holiday Spectacular.

Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, is looking forward to this performance.

“I get to play the piano, which is pretty unique because everyone else is part of the orchestra,” Wu said. “I get to see them play while sitting at the piano and it’s really nice to see it all come together.”

“I’m also looking forward to attending the Holiday Spectacular as an audience member for the first time since student teaching at CHS,” Maggie Hite, Associate Director of Orchestras said. “I think the choir program is really looking forward to using the newly renovated auditorium for their performances and the students in the orchestra are excited to make use of the orchestra pit.”

Holiday Spectacular will take place Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Dec. 3, and Dec. 4. Tickets can be purchased here.