CHTV kicks off basketball season coverage

Dariush Khurram

CHTV has just kicked off this year’s coverage of the basketball season. According to sponsor Brandy Ostojic, CHTV looks to improve content and stream games this year.

“We are allowed to stream four boys’ games and four girls’ games this year. Our goal is to implement the use of wireless cameras for the court, allowing us to cover games better,” she said.

Ostojic said that CHTV students are excited about the transition between football season and basketball season.

“Basketball is a little easier to set up and coordinate than football. There is a little bit more fun for kids because football games are usually around a six-hour process whereas basketball is a little bit shorter and a little bit more casual. They’re looking forward to still producing really good games with a little less stress involved,” she said.

Senior David Lee, who is a CHTV student, said he is excited for the basketball season.

He said, “I would say basketball coverage is my favorite. I love it because it is less stressful and time-consuming, but at the same time, we are able to show a high quality of work. Also, I just love watching basketball, and I think a lot of CHTV students would say the same thing.”

Along with the start of basketball season, Ostojic also said that CHTV has been doing team-building activities.

On the importance of team-building, she said, “I think it helps because it makes people who normally wouldn’t talk to each other talk and that helps when we’re in the super high-stress situation of live shows. I think it helps when everyone knows each other really well. It makes everything work better.”

Lee also said that these activities have been effective.

He said, “We recently did a Thanksgiving event with all of the CHTV students. Activities like that really work to bring the staff together and improve our teamwork in putting out quality content.”

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