Champions Together continues to plan Mr. Carmel, fundraising event

Champions Together (CT) continues to prepare for its fundraising event, Mr. Carmel, which raises money for Special Olympics Indiana. The date is not finalized, but will most likely be March 10 in the auditorium. 

According to Eva Glazier, CT president and senior, the leadership committee plans to have a meeting with the selected pageant boys to explain expectations and create a dance.

“It’s just like a pageant show so they will do a dance, a walk and a talent.” Glazier said. 

All students can come and support Mr. Carmel, but only senior boys will be in the running for the title of Mr. Carmel and Mr. Champion. Sophia Szymanksi, CT president and senior, said she hopes the message of inclusion spreads throughout CHS.

“No matter where someone comes from, or if they have disabilities or not. Just the idea of being inclusive with everyone,” Szymanksi said.

CT sponsor Joe Stuelpe said he defers all decisions to the leadership team. By Asini Jayarapu