HOSA club members select events, continue discussing SLC

Nora Mariano

According to club sponsor Jennifer Drudge, members of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) chose their events on the Nov. 30 meeting. HOSA is now focused on State Leadership Conference (SLC) fees. 

Drudge said, “(HOSA leaders) will send out some due dates for students that will include the cost of SLC. This will include the registration cost, the cost of hotel rooms and a little additional cost to pay for chaperone hotel rooms.”

According to Drudge, members will also start creating roommate lists for their SLC hotel stay. HOSA member and sophomore, Elizabeth Guo, said HOSA leaders have discussed SLC with members multiple times already.

She said, “(HOSA leaders) talked a lot about (SLC) at the first meeting. They had a big slideshow where they gave information about it. And then the second meeting they gave out handouts and they had a flowchart with all of the events on it.”

Drudge said, “(HOSA doesn’t usually prepare (for SLC) this early. But as it’s grown, there are more and more students participating. And therefore, more students who don’t really know what to expect at SLC.”