Varsity women’s basketball prepares for home game against Fishers on Jan. 17


Photo from @carmelwbb instagram. Player and junior Jamie Elliot competes against Westfield High School on Dec. 6. Elliot said her teammates help support her and motivate her during games.

Maggie Meyer

The varsity women’s team plays on their home court on Jan. 17  against Fishers High School. Player and junior Jamie Elliot said she prepares for games by envisioning her gameplay.

“While we are warming up, I just try to stay focused, warm up my body, and try to not be distracted by outside things and just focus on the game,” Elliot said.

Additionally, player and junior Ava Carter said she prepares for games by focusing on the mental aspects and building connections with her teammates.

“We mentally prepare by learning our scouting reports, going through our own plays and their plays, and focusing on our team and our culture and making sure we are ready to go battle together,” Carter said.

Elliot said she is close with her teammates and they all help each other.

“We are all really close to one another so it’s easy to lean on each other if we are going through a hard time or just have fun together. Especially if someone messes up, we can pick them up and cheer for their successes as well,” Elliot said.