CHTV kicks off second semester, looks forward to improvements

Dariush Khurram

CHTV kicks off the second semester and hopes to work towards new goals. According to sponsor Brandy Ostojic, CHTV students are in new teams and are learning to work with each other and developing new roles.

“We split the teams into younger and older kids. Previously, they were mixed together. We did this to improve our efficiency and team bonding. This is compared to an interspersed system in which a handful of team members did the majority of the work,” said senior David Lee.

Ostojic said that this process has been going very well and their shows have been well-prepared and improvements will only increase as the semester progresses.

“We want to utilize more video in our shows. We entered into a partnership with CNN to use their footage, so students should see a lot more,” Ostojic said. “We’re just trying to make our show more fun to watch.”

Lee added that CHTV is trying to introduce responsibility, increase morale, and more effectively compete at major broadcasting competitions like IBS and IASB this semester.

“We are starting to plan for things like March Madness, so I’m really excited to see how we might change things up and make everything as good as we can,” he said.

Senior David Lee completes work with another student during class. He said that he is optimistic about CHTV’s coverage this semester. “This semester will be my last semester at CHS. My goal is to make it the best, so I’m doing my part in ensuring all the work around me is of the utmost quality. I am sure that we will have the best 18 weeks,” Lee said.