Champions Together prepare for fundraising event, Mr. Carmel

Champions Together (CT) continues to plan for Mr. Carmel— a fundraising event that raises awareness for the Special Olympics. Students can witness and support Mr. Carmel by going to the auditorium on March 10.

According to Sarah Mysogland, CT president and senior, a selected group of senior boys were selected to participate in the pageant, but the process of contacting escorts is still underway. 

“Escorts are kids with intellectual or physical disabilities that will escort the boys at the pageant,” she said. “We have practices every SRT where the boys are learning their dance and preparing their talent.” 

 Eva Glazier, CT president and senior, said some obstacles were faced during the preparations.

“We had someone drop, so we had to find a new replacement. Then someone broke their hand at practice,” she said. “But, I think it’s going well and (the boys) are really excited and I’m excited for them.”

CT sponsor Joe Stuelpe said he defers all decisions to the leadership team. By Asini Jayarapu