Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) closing applications, planning for basketball tournament


Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) members pose for a photo during the annual Winter Games at the Ice at Carter Green event. According to CMYC President and junior Bhavi Vishnumolakala, the Winter Games include games such as the Ice Trike Relays, Human Curling, and Human Hungry Hungry Hippo. (Submitted Photo: CMYC)

Marissa Finney

Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) plans for a three vs. three basketball tournament on March 17 at the fieldhouse. According to CMYC President and junior Bhavi Vishnumolakala, each team will consist of three to five players and it will cost $5 to participate per player. Additionally, applications for the 2023-2024 CMYC term closed on March 6.

“This is similar to our other events,” Vishnumolakala said. “All proceeds from this tournament will go to a charity of the winning team’s choice. I would highly encourage everyone to sign up for this event and bring your own ball.”

Sponsor Candy Martin said events have been running smoothly.

“There have been no complications in events this year that we have been informed of,” Martin said. “We always would love to have more people participate in our events to help bring in more donations. This upcoming basketball event is for high schoolers.”

Vishnumolakala said she is hoping for turnout to continue increasing as the CMYC term comes to a close.

“With this year winding down, I hope more people will attend our last few events. They are really well-organized and exciting.” Vishnumolakala said. “There are a limited number of spots for basketball so sign up as soon as possible.”