House of Representatives members interview for Cabinet, other positions

Riley Laferriere

Although the House of Representatives has no more events for the 2022-23 school year, Cabinet applicants are getting ready to apply for next school year according to Allison “Allie” Wolf, current Cabinet member and senior. 

Allie said the Cabinet applications came out on April 30 and can be accessed through the link tree in the Carmel Dance Marathon’s bio on Instagram. In order to be eligible for the position, students must be in grades 9-11 and cannot be involved in GKOM Council, Greyhound Connections, Greyhound Nation, a Senate position or any other required special SSRT. 

House of Representatives sponsor Sarah Wolff said Cabinet is the last to interview out of the other student government sectors.

“The reason is because there are so many elections at the school we want to ensure everyone gets the chance to have a leadership position if that’s what they’re looking for,” Wolff said. 

Wolff said the process consists of an interview and an application. According to Wolff, there are some aspects that the interviewers look for.

“They look at House participation and not just their points, but the quality of points. There are lots of ways to get points in House, and some are easier than others. We also look at the leader’s feedback on (the applicant),” Wolff said. 

According to Wolf, while applicants should have gone above and beyond last year, there is no specific trait they look for in candidates, but rather a mix. “There isn’t necessarily a set or lineup of qualities we are looking for. It’s really about a combination of qualities and individuals that make up a really strong Cabinet,” Wolf said. “In general we want people who are hard-working and passionate about the cause. They (should) be really accountable to the cause, and themselves and the organization.”