Orchestras preparing for fall concerts


Sophomore Elyse Goldberg practices her violin for orchestra class. According to associate orchestra director James Woomert, the orchestras have already started practicing their material for their fall concert. RYAN ZUKERMAN / PHOTO

The Carmel High School orchestras have started the year with the ball rolling.

“We are just starting week two and we already have a good hold on the repertoire we are using and the repertoire selections for our fall concerts,” Associate orchestra director, James Woomert, said.

According to Orchestra Council president Arthur Shou, the council is already hard at work planning events for this year. “Our first big event is in October,” he said. “We have two concerts in the middle of October and afterwards we have our Halloween party.”

According to Woomert, the fall concerts are very important. “On October 15 we have a joint concert with the Pioneer Orchestra in Ann Arbor, MI,” he said. “Our Carmel High School fall concert is October 17.”

According to Shou, until the fall concert the orchestras will be working hard. “Right now we are just getting started,” he said, “but we are already hard at work with our pieces. We just have our usual after school practices and are working hard at class.”