World language department to organize Christmas caroling


With the upcoming holiday season, the world language department will have its annual Christmas caroling on Dec. 11 and 12.

According to Andrea Yocum, activity organizer and French teacher, participation depends on each teacher and their class schedules. However, should they choose to take part in the activity, each class will visit a different language classroom and take turns singing traditional Christmas carols in the language that they are currently studying.

The world language department has organized this program for three years and several students like Gwynne Hernandez, participant in the activity and sophomore, have enjoyed learning more about the culture that they are studying.

“It was really fun that it helped me practice my language. I really appreciated learning about the culture of my country, France,” Hernandez said. “I actually got to experience it and not just read about it in a book.”

Besides just the in-depth experience in the culture of France that the activity taught, Hernandez also said she felt that it allowed her to utilize French in a practical way.

“Christmas caroling might be a small one-time thing, but it really helped me understand the culture of France, and it made me improve dramatically on my language,” Hernandez said.

As a teacher, Yocum said she hopes that this experience will give students like Hernandez a taste of the holiday traditions of these countries.

“I hope that the students will be able to learn a little bit more about holiday traditions and the importance of holidays in whatever culture they’re studying,” Yocum said. “And hopefully they can see some differences between the traditions of the other countries (as well).”