Professor to conduct research at CHS planetarium

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Professor to conduct research at CHS planetarium


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This summer, Michael Jones, Ph.D. and professor at Brigham Young University will research new technology here in the planetarium. Graduate students will accompany Jones. The technology is a Google Glass alternative and should help a deaf CHS student. If it is successful, the technology should tremendously help this student.

Jones said via email, “We hope it spreads to planetariums but also to other situations in which a person needs to to look in two different places to lean in sign languages.  For example, in an auto mechanics class when a person learns a spoken language the person can put their head under the hood of the car and work on the engine while another person talks to the them about what they are doing.”

Keith Turner, club sponsor and science teacher, said he thinks it will help his student have an easier time keeping up in class.

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