CHS tennis team preparing for the season

Satvik Kandru, Staff Member

 The CHS tennis team is getting ready for another State championship title win this year.

The team preparation is occurring frequently. “We are practicing almost every day, and doing drills to improve ourselves individually, and just help the team come as one,” senior  Patrick Fletchall said.

Fletchall also stressed the effort of the members. “I know that our guys are capable enough to make it far; they just need to maintain strong effort,” Fletchall said.

Head Coach Spencer Fields supervises the team at games, makes lineups and attends all the practices he is able to. “I know some of the kids have been pretty busy and stressed with their workload and other types of extracurriculars, but I think the effort being put in by our kids is tremendous, and I hope it pays off,” Fields said.

Fletchall said he is confident in the team. “The practices and matches we have had so far have been really good, if we can just carry that over to the postseason, I think we will have a really good chance to win versus the best,” Fletchall said.