K-8 Mentors start two month training process


Teacher Robin Pletcher trains K-8 mentors during G3 block about communication and listening skills. In the past, Pletcher paired up each mentor with four children from Carmel’s elementary and middle schools.

Da-Hyun Hong

K-8 Mentors began their two month training process where they learn about communication and listening skills to prepare for the students they will work with. The program, started in 1980, involves juniors and seniors from CHS who mentor and develop meaningful relationships with children from Carmel’s eleven elementary and three middle schools during third block on gold days.

AP Psychology teacher Robin Pletcher, has been teaching the K-8 Mentoring class for sixteen years. According to Pletcher, the application process includes an essay on why the student would like to join the class, three recommendations from other teachers, and an interview with her. Each student is partnered with four children. Mentors must have access to a car and be able to drive in order to get to the schools where the students are, she said. Pletcher also emphasizes students’ attendance because “I need mentors who are here, here for the kids,” she said.

Junior and mentor Garrett Jones is one of the three juniors in the class. He said he learned about the program from a few seniors he knew. He said, “They would always talk about their great times with their kids and everything, and told me I should do it when I get older.” Jones said he is very excited to meet and mentor the children.