TechHOUNDS trains younger members, prepares for pre-season events

Emily Worrell, Reporter

TechHOUNDS will have its next meeting this Thursday, Oct. 5 from 3:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. According to Laura Dobie, TechHOUNDS team lead and senior, older members of TechHOUNDS will teach younger members important skill sets at this meeting.

“In public relations (P.R.), we’re teaching them to use Adobe products; in information technology (I.T.), they’re learning to code; in robot operations they’re doing tool training so that they’ll be prepared for safety reasons,” Dobie said.

TechHOUNDS mentor John Coghlan said the club is currently in its pre-season, which gives younger members the opportunity to explore different divisions like P.R. and I.T. However, TechHOUNDS does have several pre-season events already lined up, Dobie said.

“In the off-season we have a few events, including IndyRage, where it’s an all-girls competition,” Dobie said. “We also have cage match, for everybody who wants to join, just as a fun little preseason game, and then other small events like Purdue Boiler Bot Battle.”  By Emily Worrell