Senate Plans for Care to Share with New Donation Levels


Student body president Ben Goldberg and Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and economics teacher, discuss Care-to-Share plans with Senators during SRT. Currently, Care-to-Share is Senate’s main priority.

Kalea Miao

According to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and economics teacher, Senate is now planning for Care-to-Share, an annual fundraiser to buy gifts to support underprivileged families in Hamilton County. SRT classes can sponsor on 3 levels: full person, half of a person, and a quarter of a person. This year, in order to sponsor a full person, SRT classes have to raise $200, as opposed to the previous $300 requirement. The other levels — half of a person and quarter of a person — have  remained the same at $150 and $75 respectively, Foutz said.

“According to United Christmas Service, you can sponsor a whole person with $75, and we were doing it with $300,” Foutz said. “We thought that would open it up so that we could help more people.”

Senator and senior Tess Nihill said she believes more SRT classes are signing up and making greater commitments than past years.

“I think more SRT (classes) are signing up because it’s an easier commitment so I think we have more people, which is good,” Nihill said.

According to Nihill, SRT classes should have gifts ready by Nov. 19 so Senators can collect them. Gifts will then be given to the families on a date that is to be determined.