Winter Cheerleading to cheer at home on Nov. 14

Kelly Truax

The game will take place at the varsity gym at 7:30. The Winter Cheer team will be cheering on the Woman’s basketball team as they play against Zionsville.

    Varsity Coach Deanna Browning said the team works hard to make their games fun, but they also have to manage their time well.

    “The cheerleaders put in a lot of time and effort to make each and every basketball game fun for the fans. They work hard physically, but they also have to be great time managers. They cheer about 20 games in a season that’s almost 5 months long,” Browning said.

    Kimsey Kelley, cheerleader and junior, said the past week the team has been working on different cheers because the season is still new.

    “We’ve been working on a lot of cheers to do during timeouts or halftimes. We’ve been doing pyramids, which is where we do brace flips and stunts, and then we just  (work on) stunting and tumbling and getting familiar with the cheers for games,” Kelley said.

    Kelley said she is looking forward to the season and has a team goal for everyone to try hard and not argue about anything during the season. She said she wants the cheerleaders on the team to work together. Kelley also said she has a goal of getting to know everyone on the team.

Kelley said, “(I’m most looking forward to) getting to know everybody on the team because I know who they are but I don’t really know them personally yet. So, since we’re going to be traveling a lot of places it would be cool to get to know them and be friends and stuff.”