Accents begin preparation for upcoming Holiday Spectacular concert


Last year’s choir program rehearses one of the full group numbers. Every year, all the choirs come together to rehearse and collaborate on their group numbers.

Alina Yu

From Dec. 6 to Dec. 10, Accents will perform with the other choirs in the annual Holiday Spectacular concert. Although a month away, Accents are beginning to prepare for the concert.

Accent and junior Julia Schmitz said, “We (Accents) are practicing in class and at Monday night rehearsals. In addition, we have an all-choir Saturday practice on Nov. 11 and two after school rehearsals, as well as dress rehearsals the week of Holiday Spec.”

Prior to the performances, all of the choirs will have weekend group rehearsals, the first being on Nov. 11, according to director of choirs Kathrine Kouns. She said all the choirs are learning and working on music in class, but at the group rehearsals all choirs can join together to work on group numbers.

“Right now we have a lot of music and choreography in our brains for competition and other concerts so it’s important to not forget that music but focus on perfecting our holiday spectacular music,” Schmitz said.

As a former Encores member, Schmitz said she rehearses differently now as an Accent; the Accents learn and rehearse holiday spectacular music while adding to their competition set.

“The Accents have to work on a lot of music and material during class for their competition and for the upcoming concert, so out of school rehearsals are really utilized to help perfect and patch up group work,” Kouns said.

However, both Schmitz and Kouns said they are excited to see what the show will be like once put together.

Schmitz said, “I am so excited for Holiday Spectacular, we have a lot of beautiful and fun holiday songs prepared for this year. I hope this concert can bring the audience peace of mind and get them in the holiday spirit.”