Media center to continue pushing Frankenstein event


Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, looks at her planner for all the upcoming events. “We’re getting into the swing of things after a long break,” Ramos said.

Karen Zhang

According to Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, the media center will continue to push its Frankenstein event.

“The book Frankenstein is celebrating its 200th anniversary and we’ve been doing a couple of really fun things to try to get the word out there,” Ramos said.

She said the media center would have pledges out for students and staff who want to join the program as well as put up displays.

“We’ve got a Frankenstein display up right now. He’s got a birthday hat right now and we’re just going to change it depending on the events,” Ramos said. “So like when we get closer to spring break we might put some sunglasses and have him by the beach or maybe during a holiday we’ll decorate and dress him up and just fun stuff like that.”

Anna Fagin, student aide and senior, will help keep the Frankenstein display up all year and customize it for different seasons.

Fagin said, “I read (Frankenstein) in my sophomore year. I remember really liking it and it really want others to read it.”