K-8 mentors continue to meet with mentees, next class determined


K-8 mentoring sponsor Robin Pletcher works during her SRT where all the K-8 mentors are as well. According to Pletcher, it is important that she conducts an interview with all the K-8 Mentoring applicants. ” I do interviews to be able to see how well they interact with adults such as counselors and parents,” she said.

Da-Hyun Hong

According to K-8 mentoring sponsor Robin Pletcher , she interviewed the applicants for the next class of K-8 mentors, and students received a letter during SRT stating whether they made the program. Current mentors will continue to drive out to the Carmel elementary and middle schools to meet with their assigned students on Gold Days during third block.

Pletcher said that attendance and experience remain as very important factors on whether a student qualifies for the mentoring program or not.

“I look for somebody who enjoys working with kids. Somebody who’s had some experience is always something that has a benefit and would put them above someone who hasn’t,” she said. “I look for attendance because it doesn’t help for me to have them in the program if they’re not here to go and be able to meet with the kids.”

Mentor and senior Breana Davis fits this requirement and will be wrapping up her last year as a K-8 mentor in a few months; however, she said she hopes to keep in touch with her mentees.

“In terms of gaining from the experience, maybe just experience working with younger students in this kind of peer facilitating role. Hopefully I gain four new friends and will be able to stay friends with them through college.”