Greyhound Nation Executive Board works to raise spirit for upcoming baseball games, works around weather and academic problems


Uday Lomada

As many of the spring sports have either already started or start very soon, the Greyhound Nation Executive Board is using this upcoming baseball match to help raise spirit for the CHS baseball team as they start season.

“As always, we are working to raise attendance to all of the events that CHS hosts,” Meredith Lipps, board member and junior, said. “It’s extremely important that we work as hard as we can to get others to go to the events, even if it’s just to hang out with friends.”

As such, they are doing everything they can to raise spirit for this match though problems have presented themselves, Lipps said.

“While we are, as usual, planning out the next events, things like the weather and the upcoming finals and AP exams are cutting into the attendance” Lipps said, “While some of this is inevitable, we hope to make it up by getting more people to go at later times after this weather and the exams pass by.”

Wendy Bass, sponsor and math teacher, said she would rather defer to the board members, saying that the club is student run.