Computer Building Club Starts to Refurbish


Anna Klauz

Club member Bo Sendi starts off a weekly meeting by checking the software of a computer donated by Net-Literacy. Sendi has been a club member since sophomore year.

Anna Klauz

Computer Building club’s goal is to refurbish 500 computers by the end of the 2018-19 school year. The club will continue to refurbish computers for Net Literacy, a non-profit organization that donates computers to those who may not be able to afford a computer on their own. Ethan Welp, club president and senior explains the process of Net Literacy and how the organization works with the club.

“Net Literacy acts like a distributor, and us a manufacturer. They receive computers donated from IT departments and give them to high schools around the state to repurpose (we get most of them). We repurpose them and send them back, and Net Literacy distributes them to families without computers and nonprofit organizations in need,” Welp said.

The club hopes to bring in any student who is interested in computers and would like to be a part of the refurbishing process.

“It is great to see over 30 members in the club this school year,” club sponsor Stacie Fowler said.

The club meets every Wednesday in Room F113 after school.