Increase in men’s soccer game attendance helped soccer team throughout season

Uday Lomada

As of late, the small stands of Murray Stadium have been filling up for the men’s soccer team whenever they play. As cheering has been louder and louder for every game they play, the players and coaches alike have noticed its effect and appreciated it.

“The bigger the crowd, the more jacked up they get, the more energized they get,” Shane Schmidt, head coach and English teacher said. “With so many people watching, you can feel the energy everywhere from the locker rooms to in the crowds to during the games. The team played a lot better when there were more people watching for sure.”

“It definitely helped with all the fans that we had whenever we played at home,” Brody Sullivan, one of three team captains and senior said. “It was a lot more fun playing in that atmosphere with a lot more fans watching this year compared to years past.”

“Coming out to watch the games helps a lot more than people think,” Sullivan said. “It honestly is the best way to support the team.”