Athletic Connection: Coaches, athletes explore development of relationships over multiple seasons

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As senior Jack Heldt walked the hallways during the fall of his freshman year, he was sure of one thing: he had a passion for wrestling. Now, a varsity member of the wrestling team, Heldt said he believes that his passion for the sport was enhanced by his coaches from the schools’ team.

Nick Beckman
COACHING BOND: Head coach Ryan Osborn giving instructions to the men’s basket- ball team during practice. Varsity basketball player and senior Andrew Owens said the relationships between the team and the coaches are stronger due to the program they run building trust between them.

“When I entered Carmel wrestling, it didn’t take me very long to get used to the culture and the coaches. Everything just seem to click and I am very grateful for that,” Heldt said.

As for Heldt’s time in the program, he said the most important factor of a strong bond is the duration in which the coach is in the program. While experience is key as a coach, Heldt said he believes the strongest form between a wrestler and a coach lies in consistency.

“We have gotten a lot of coaching changes over the past couple years so that has been tough to build close relationships when coaches are moving in and out a lot, but I have been fortunate enough to have the ones that have stayed as mentors and I have a high level of respect for each and every one of them,” Heldt said.

Heldt also said the coaches and experiences he had as a result of wrestling has meant all the difference.

Nick Beckman
Wrestling Together: Wrestling head coach Ed Pendoski shows an example of a move to the team as they watch from the side. Pendaski said the hands-on help and experience the coaches give help to encourage relation- ships between them and the players.

“As I said before, a lot of our coaches have come in and out due to the structure of the team, but I think I have developed a really strong bond with (assistant coach) Jim Selvio. He has been coaching at Carmel for several years and really knows the sport of wrestling.”

Heldt said Selvio has taught him many of the intangibles lessons as well.

“On top of the countless things he has taught me within the sport of wrestling, he has also taught me how to become a better man and work hard in all aspects of life,” Heldt said.

However, Heldt has also developed a strong relationship with his new Assistant Coach Cody Le Count. Le Count has just recently been appointed as the new Assistant Coach of the wrestling team. Le Count said he believes with the start of his tenure comes a newfound influence to his players and said he believes coaches are role models in any sport.

“We, as coaches, are role models to these kids and to influence them in positive ways. In the wrestling room, in the classroom and out in the world; everything we teach and praise goes a long way. They look up to use and are willing to do everything for us because of the amazing relationship built,” Le Count says.

Likewise, Andrew Owens, varsity basketball player and senior, also said he believes that a strong relationship between a coach and a player is essential to the growth of the team.

“My freshman year, I knew I was entering a program of good coaches in (former) Coach (Scott) Heady and (Ryan) Osborne, but as the years go by and the relationship between myself and my coaches got stronger and stronger.”

Owens also says that he learned not to take his relationship for granted given the circumstances and the close bond him and his coaches hold. On the contrary, Owens said he believes that the transition in coaches in his case was much easier than it may be for other sports

“For basketball, when Coach (Scott) Heady left it was an easier transition than some expected because we had our Assistant Coach (Coach Osborne), who had been with the program for many years, take over. I don’t think it was difficult to maintain the same relationship with a new coach coming in just because Coach Osborne has been with the program since I have been here,” Owens said.

Nick Beckman
OVERSEEING WITH TRUST: Wrestling head coach Ed Pendoski watches a couple students wrestle, planning to give advice after practice. Assistant wrestling coach Cody Le Count said the team relies on them to give them good ad- vice on the team, in the classroom and in life too.

As both the wrestling and the basketball season start, these players and coaches are reminded of the intangible aspects that come with these relationships.

“As players and coaches, these relationships build many characteristics for both sides,” Le Count said. “They have taught me and my wrestlers the likings of hard work, dedication, time management, respect and always influencing each other in positive ways; being responsible for yourself and the team.”



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