Winter cheerleading will support the women’s basketball team on Dec. 21.


Winter Cheerleading cheers for the women’s basketball team in the Eric Clark Activity Center. The team switched between facing the court to cheer on the basketball team and facing the crowd to get them to join in cheering for the basketball team.

Kelly Truax

The game will be held at home and start at 7:30 p.m. in the Eric Clark Activity Center. The women’s basketball team will be playing Lawrence Central High School. Becca Counen, winter cheerleader and junior, said what the cheerleaders have been working on during practices in preparation for the game.

“In practice we focus on learning and perfecting our cheers and chants along with stunting and tumbling,” Counen said via email.

The Blue Varsity Coach, Nicole Vetter, said she has a goal for the cheerleaders as they continue their season.

Vetter said via email, “One goal we have is to cheer on the hounds, have fun and continue to grow as both cheerleaders and people. We are looking forward to a fun season and cheering on (the basketball players).”

Counen has met this goal as she said she enjoys cheering on the basketball players.

“I love spending time with my team and experiencing the energetic atmosphere at the games,” Counen said.

Cheerleader and senior Cecilia Warrington also said she likes to cheer for the team and crowd.

Warrington said via email, “I enjoy getting to cheer with all my friends and be able to get so close and involved with the games. It’s so fun to be out there will all of my friends, trying to hype the team up.”