AVID students to learn how to make resumes


AVID students use their SRT time to work together and get their homework done. AVID coordinator Jamie Newcomer said, “The time that students have during SRT is very valuable, and I feel like by letting them work together and communicate with teachers, they can be very efficient with their time.”

Pranav Jothirajah

To begin the second semester, the AVID program will start teaching students how to make resumes to help prepare them for college and for future jobs. According to AVID coordinator Jamie Newcomer, it is necessary for students to learn how to correctly make resumes.

“Resumes are something that can be used for internships and even for jobs. So it’s important for students to know how to make them,” she said.

AVID student and sophomore Alaina O’Rear also believes that learning how to make resumes is an important aspect students need to know.

“We learn how to do resumes and put them together. We also learn what’s important and what’s not important to include in our resumes. Learning how to make resumes will help us in the future and it teaches us important skills that we can use,” she said

O’Rear said she also believes that students that are apart of AVID will have the upperhand as they will already know how to make resumes.

“Since I am already learning about how to make resumes I think that I will have an advantage because I will already know how to make them but kids who aren’t in AVID won’t,” she said.  By Pranav Jothirajah