Club Med to prepare for Feb. 11 meeting


Alyssa Mastin, Club Med sponsor and science teacher, works on lesson plans during SRT. Although Mastin said she knows most of the club’s events and what will be occurring at those events, she had no input or idea on how the new leaders were selected or who they actually are.

Tara Kandallu

Club Med leaders plan to have their next meeting on Feb. 11 after hosting a hands-on meeting that taught students skills used in a general check-up. Sponsor Alyssa Mastin and co-president and senior Shubhi Sinha said the next meeting will involve students hearing from Dr. Haywood, the Assistant Dean of Indiana University School of Medicine. Haywood is the first speaker the club has had in recent years that will be able to discuss the admissions process to a medical school from the administrative side.

Mastin said, “I am excited because, obviously, a lot of the students want to apply to med school. Just hearing from someone who deals with those admissions will be really important. The students can ask questions about what (a medical school) is actually looking for. Students usually hear (what a medical school is looking for in their applicants), but they don’t know what is true. Now they will actually be hearing from a legitimate person.”

Along with their speaker, the club also plans to inform the club of their new leaders for the next school year. Sinha said, “We have interviewed and finalized the people who will be taking over next year. We hope that those new leaders will be able to get more hands-on this year, so they are prepared when they actually take over the day-to-day running of the club.” By Tara Kandallu