TEDx members apply for license, decide theme for next conference

Rhea Acharya

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As the new leadership team for next year has been chosen, the TEDx club looks ahead to the next semester so they can plan for their next conference, which is tentatively scheduled for late 2019.

Selin Oh, current TEDx president and senior, said, “We are planning for our next conference and applying for our new license—sort of transitioning into the new leaders our club will have next year. And we voted and chose a tentative topic for our next conference, and we decided to do ‘Leap Before You Look.’

Oh said she thinks starting to plan the conference during this semester will help with the transition to the entirely new leadership team the club will have next year.

“It will probably be at the end of first semester so that definitely gives current leadership time to help out with the new leadership but also gives (the) new leadership a chance to kind of spearhead this project on their own,” Oh said.

According to Oh, freshman Isma Rehman is the new president, freshman James Wang is the new Event Planning and Technology Head, sophomore Valliei Chandrakumar is the new Food and Breaks Head as well as the new Marketing and PR Head, freshman Leah Tan is the new Speakers Head and sophomore Sarah Konrad is the new Design Head.

Oh said, “(The current leadership team was) looking for people who have already shown commitment to TEDx and to what TEDx stands for. But (we understood) that since they are underclassmen, maybe they might not have too much experience. But we’re fine with that.”

As he adjusts to his own new role as co-sponsor, Michael O’Toole, TEDx co-sponsor and social studies teacher, said, “We want to continue the success because it has obviously been a great program up to this point.” By Rhea Acharya