Senate to change Homecoming week, focus on more school-wide inclusion


Maddie Heath, student body president and senior, addresses the Senate SRT. The homecoming game is Sept 27.

Uday Lomada

With Homecoming week and the parade a month away, Senate is starting their preparations for the events, focusing on more making the events more inclusive and exciting throughout the week.

“Right now we are preparing for Homecoming week,” Madeline (Maddie) Heath, student body president and senior, said. “There’s lots of changes in terms of spirit to get the community more involved especially during the week.”

“Right now we are organizing Homecoming and looking at how to better include the changes for this year,” Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and Economics teacher, said.

The changes in consideration have focused on encouraging the student body to have more spirit throughout the week.

“During the week of Homecoming and after school we want to make the spirit days much more important so we are having more competition between the grades and a ‘most spirited greyhound’ award similar to ‘Legs King’ and ‘Kiss Queen,’” Heath said.

“We have been looking at changing the tricycle races so more of the races happen on Homecoming day,” Foutz said. “We’re hoping that it gets more students interested in what’s going on.”