Model U.N. continues meetings, attend Zionsville conference


Ali Strzynski, sophomore and Model U.N. member, works on homework. Strzynski said the topic of the February conference will be Iran.

Riley Terbush

Model U.N. will attend a conference in Zionsville on Sept. 28.

“The Zionsville conference is Sept. 28, and so the idea is we’re gonna have a few weeks of preparation,” said Sandy Gardner, sponsor of Model U.N. “The advanced group, they’ll just continue to do their thing and sharpen their skills. The beginner group will get their feet wet and then really then have an idea of what it’s like. It’ll be a little bit overwhelming for them but we feel like it will be a good experience for them to get ready.”

Students who wish to attend the Zionsville conference can find information and forms for the event outside Gardner’s classroom, Room E208.

Students from IU, where CHS students can attend a conference in February, will represent Model U.N. at the Zionsville event.

“Part of the chairs that are there are from IU, and they are from the Model U.N. club that they have there, and we go there at the end of the year, so it’s nice to have some college kids there to run the committees,” Gardner said.

While the club has already had its callout meeting and first meeting of the year, students can join the club at any time.

“We’ve had our first meeting, which was a combined meeting where we did a mock simulation. Our more advanced group sat in the middle and everyone else who was new sat on the outside and was able to observe what a group committee would look like and what kind of conversations would be, how people could stand up and talk, whatever procedures, parliamentary procedures,” Gardner said.

The club will have its second meeting this Thursday, Sept. 12 in Room E208 after school until 4.

“This week we’re going to split into two different groups where the beginners will be trained, and at least they have an idea of what it looks like, and we’re going to break it down for them. And usually we start with parliamentary procedures; that’s how you function through a committee, and they have to know those rules. The advanced group is just going to continue to work on their skills: public speaking, argumentation, things like that.”

Sophomore Ali Strzynski, a new member to the club, said: “We debate topics. You play a role as a country and you argue your stance based on who you’re assigned.”